Welcome To LRKD Industries

LRKD Industries can provide a wide variety of construction building materials specially Structural and Miscellaneous Steel. 

LRKD Industries delivers steel erection from Erection Planning, Dispatching, Erection, Safety, Inspection and Quality Control.

We have experienced team of Professional Engineer which is excellent to cater your requirements in Connection Design. We comply with all standards like AISC, CISC, NISD, IS and OSHA that needed to provide quality and professional work.

With a skilled group of Professional Engineers LRKD Industries can provide sophisticated design in miscellaneous steel. We always welcome our client a WILL DO CAN DO attitude.


We offer special services such as:

  • Galvanizing Steel
  • Bending, Welding and Punching of Plate, Steel and Sheet
  • Rolling of Plate and Sheet
  • Rolling of Tube and Pipe
  • Bending of Plate, Sheet and Tube
  • Structural Shape Rolling



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